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Jeans select shop Right-on is recruiting foreign sales staff to serve customers using their own native language. You can also improve your Japanese skills and learn about Japanese fashion! Your job is to make the shopping experience pleasant for customers by meeting their needs and helping them coordinate their outfits while using your native language skills. No experience in part-time jobs or the apparel field is required. Feel free to apply if you are interested in Japanese fashion and customer service. We look forward to your application.

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About Right-on®

Product Range
Right-on sells diverse products from private, domestic and world-leading casual brands including Levi's, Edwin, G-Star, Champion, Lee, Nike, Converse, Avirex, Vision, Dickies and more. Our private brands such as Back Number offer innovative and functional jeans and other apparel. As a fashion advisor, you will make coordinated recommendations to customers.
Work Style
You can adjust your work schedule to suit your lifestyle. For example, homemakers can choose to work only on weekdays and students can choose to work only after school. Work shifts can be flexibly arranged from morning to late afternoon, only in the evenings or only on weekends. You can even work just 2 days a week or 3 hours a day. Let us know how you want to work. Those without employment restrictions can enroll in social insurance plans and part-time employees in some cases have opportunities to become contract or full-time employees. * At busy times, when there are many foreign tourist customers, employees may be requested to work hours beyond their regular shifts.
Foreign Students Are Welcome!
Many foreigners employed at Right-on are hard workers who came to Japan to study. We want the experience of working at Right-on to enhance your abilities. While helping us serve foreign customers with your mother tongue, you will also have opportunities to improve your Japanese language abilities through communication with Japanese customers and staff. In addition, you’ll become experienced with Japanese fashion, which is rising in popularity all over the world. At Right-on, we sincerely look forward to receiving applications from international students. *Be sure to bring your Japanese residence card to the interview so we can confirm your work permit status.
Career Progression
You are welcome to apply even if you have no experience in customer service or no work experience at all. Right-on trains you in everything from the very basics to sales skills. Moreover, coworkers offer encouraging support. You will start as a fashion advisor but may have opportunities in the future to enter areas such as store management. *Those without employment restrictions can enroll in social insurance plans and part-time employees in some cases have opportunities to become contract or full-time employees.

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Job Description

Right-on attracts male and female customers of all ages and our staff members strive to meet every need from the customer’s point of view. Your main job is to listen to customers, understand their needs, and recommend appropriate jeans and other items that coordinate well. In addition to making the customer’s visit pleasant through greetings, assistance and wrapping tasks, you’ll be involved in maintaining an attractive store environment through cleaning, product organization and display arrangement suggestions. Even the training is a great experience, so be sure to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Are Japanese language skills necessary?
Everyday Japanese conversation skills are necessary, but we will help you learn the specialized words and phrases necessary for customer service.
Is it OK to apply with no part-time job experience?
Of course! We eagerly await those interested in improving their Japanese language skills and learning about Japanese fashion.
What should I wear to the interview?
We recommend wearing casual clothes of any brand that complements the atmosphere of our stores.
What kinds of questions will be asked at the interview?
We will ask why you are applying to Right-on and how you want to work in terms of scheduling and hours.
What should I bring to the interview?
Bring one copy of your resume with a photograph and your Japanese residence card (which helps us confirm your work visa status) *Please note in advance that we can’t return applicants’ resumes regardless of acceptance or non-acceptance.
Do you pay transportation/commuting costs?
Transportation/commuting costs are included in your hourly wages for stores that do not list transportation allowance provided in the recruitment ad.
What type of clothing is worn during work hours?
Our part-time workers wear Right-on clothing on duty whenever possible to model our clothing for customers. Our clothing can be used all year around and is available to staff members at a 30% discount. We suggest starting with a basic wardrobe and gradually purchasing more items to increase the coordination possibilities.
Are there any rules regarding nails, makeup, earrings, beards, etc.?
Anything is OK as long as you appear well-groomed to customers. Just maintain a clean appearance and enjoy fashion.
Do you hire homemakers?
Of course! Many employees only work from mornings to late afternoons on weekdays to suit their lifestyles. Please don't hesitate to apply.

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